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hey. November 25, 2010

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I’m back!!
*bunyi cengkerik*
awkward silence.
ahhh…this is too weird. I’ll come back again some other time 😛


of hidden rainbows. October 28, 2010

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Hi All,

Sorry as I wont be updating much.

I am in a bit of a mess right now. Took some photos few weeks ago, but it didnt turn out good. It was horrible. I guess how I feel (actually do) translates directly to the photos that I take.

Which is a mess. An ugly mess.

But I will definitely bounce back from this mess sooner or later. Don’t worry. Afterall, I am one of those strong spirited person 😉

Till then, take care you lovely people!



messed up brain. October 6, 2010

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Hello! Hee 😀

Yes, I have been slacking at blogging again, and again. Guilty as charged. I barely even have the time for myself these past few weeks, let alone to blog. Apatah lagi nak keluar melakukan aktiviti kegemaran.

And no, I have not taken any photos since Godknowswhen. Frustrating tauuuu tak dapat nak ambil gambar orang-orang dan keadaan sekitar. Tsk.

Ok, Mynn I think you should stop jibbering gibberish. No one wants to read you membebel tak tentu hala macam ni tau. Hehe ok monolog.

Kesimpulannya, I havent really got a life lately. You know all those plans that I talked about in my previous previous previous entry? (Hahh struggle kau kira berapa kali entry) That, will just have to wait for awhile. Which also explains why I havent blog much lately. It’s because I havent really been…well, living. Long hours at the office, and I am not one to whine and whine and whine about it. Because if I do, you will never hear the end of it, trust me. Haha. So, I’m pretty sure you guys dont want to read about my work stuff kan? It’ll just bore you to death, really. 😛

So, what have you guys been up to these past few weeks? A friend of mine in Kuantan got engaged, another friend of mine celebrated her 26th, a neighbour of mine got married, and there’s also another friend of mine who delivered a beautiful baby girl last week! Congratulations guys!

Hmmm. What’s with all these lovey dovey celebrations huh? I believe that that’s one of the signs that I’m getting…*cough*old*cough*.

Before you start asking questions – yes, I’m still single. And yes, I’m still lovin’ it. Although I wouldnt mind having a ring on my finger. Hahahaha panggg statement setahun sekali ni. (ok fine, yes…I’m stressed with work, so I’m allowed to say whatever I want to say. Layankan aje ok? Haha). Sekarang ni bahayalah, sebab ayah saya sendiri pon dah berani mengeluarkan soalan-soalan pedas dan sensasi. Tapi si anak macam biasalah, jawab dengan muka blur tanpa perasaan je. Hehe peace ayah!

Okay, I’m off now. Toodles people! Enjoy what’s left from your Wednesday aite? 😉



of colleagues. September 30, 2010

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Hello 🙂

So last Friday we had this small Eid celebration at the office. It was okay-lah. Buffet was good. But I didnt ate that much, as usual. Perasaan awal-awal tu membuak-buak nak makan semua benda tauuu. Tapi sudahnya, 5 cucuk satay and a few slices of cakes were all that I managed to eat. Tsk. Waddehel Mynn, company bagi makan free tuuu…membazir tau tak ambil peluang!

Anyways, picture’s shamelessly stolen from the company’s website. That’s myself and some of the Corporate Finance department, and also the GMD. I didn’t bring my camera along. Forgot. Aha. Cuba teka who’s the youngest? Hehehee 😛



heavy. the eyes, i mean. September 28, 2010

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Lepas lunchtime ni memang syaiton suke bergayut kat mata eh?

Damn la…tolong pergi bergayut kat mata org lain bole tak?


work it. woot woot. September 27, 2010

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Oh. I am charged guilty for not taking (gazillions) photos as often as I used to. No, that’s not a sign of me getting old. It’s just a sign of…erm, me being busy. Hehe.

I’m still at the office, btw. Listening to the hustle bustle of the traffic from the 8th floor. It hasn’t been a quiet week since after my Eid hols. Literally and not. Same goes for the weekends – filled with either spending time going to the relatives/friends open house(s), or music lessons. I haven’t really got the time to have a proper rest. Shopping mall tu pon dah lama ni weyy tak jejak kaki oii. Apatah lagi nak pergi concert Paramore minggu depan…huwaaa! But oh well, that’s what they call it not? 😉 Haha struggle nak keep positive mind tauuuuu.

Hmmm. Have a few plans in mind. No, scratch that. I have A LOT of plans in my mind. To organise another photoshoot session at Whoopstudio, a small kenduri doa selamat, going up Broga (again. Ok Kai, this time I promise I will ACTUALLY conquer the top! aha 😛 Or if you don’t want to go with me takpela, I know I am very the lambat person like that. Nak tengok sunrise kononnnn terus jadi sunrise betul-betul above the head. Haiyaaa), and…LOADS more. Macam tak larat nak tampung dalam kepala sorang-sorang.

But it’s okay, insyaAllah eventually all these plan(s) will fall into place 🙂 I guess there’s always something to do, something to plan huh? But remember, no matter how fast you are moving, once in awhile it’s good to take a step back and just chillax.

So now…..when can i have my chillax time? When la? When la? When? Tsk.


feeling a little bit DramaQueen-ish,


of the unintentional hiatus. September 24, 2010

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Hello hello!

Whoaaa. Been awhile huh? Apologize for the little hiatus, as I was a little bit busy with my daily routines and…ermm, with life. or lack of it. Aha.

Anyways, let’s skip the Eid talk shall we? Talking about Eid at the second week of it seems just a little bit…too late. No? Haha. Ok, nvm. I just don’t feel like talking about Eid.

But I don’t mind asking about how your Eid went. So, how was it? Good? Bad? Did you go visit the living (and the passed away too)? Personally, I loike visiting the graveyard. I felt calm, and…insaf. Macam seolah-olah semua masalah duniawi ni terus lenyap. It feels different to recite the Yassin at home then at the kubur itself. Tabur bunga, kemas-kemaskan daun-daun dan lalang-lalang. Thank God that my late mom’s and late grandfather’s grave still maintain okay. Maaf mama, setahun sekali je akak dapat melawat mama. Biasanya Raya pertama dah datang, tapit tahun ni Raya ke-3 baru datang. Sedih tau 😦

Hmmm. Eh ok. Seeeee..that’s why I didnt want to talk about Eid. Pffftttt. Ni dah jadi macam personal blog pulak. Hahaha. Susah wehh kalau tangan ni dah mula menaip, memang taipppp je kerjanya. Susah nak tukar gear. Hehe. Anyways, tukar topik happy pulak. Oh. Bercakap pasal raya ni kan, honestly lah, I prefer to feel tired from having people coming over to the house. Seronok tau. Memang la penat, but when you have relatives/friends coming over – it makes it all worth it! Slow kind of Raya just doesnt fit well with me (although that is what usually happens to me, unfortunately haha). Sebab tu saya suka balik Perak, meriah wok! Yelah, we ourselves have to create the possibilities and positivity around us. Kalau tak, nak harap kat sape lagi? Kalau nak duduk menghadap televisyen di pagi raya, apa beza dengan hari-hari cuti biasa? Lebih baik tak payah raya kalau macam tu. Tak gitu? 😛

Eh sorry emosi. It’s the time of the month, you know. So I’m allowed to go all emotional if I want to. Teehee 😛

Anyways, will continue with my jibbering gibberish blog more in the next entry. Right now, I’m gonna have to continue with my daily routine at the office.

Until then! 😉